"If we don't wake em,
we ain't doin it right!"
Retro Shapes
Retro Shapes

Some like to paint, some like to eat and some like to party.  Take home a pic from your favourite film or favourite artist (champagne papi anyone?), have a munch and then come to the party.  It’s a simple concept you sip and paint, you eat and you party.  Cause we all know no-one does it like DWTN.
I know we do spoil you, all materials included in the price.  We also mix up the theme so you won’t be painting the same thing each week, switching between old skool movies, tv shows or just your Hip Hop and RnB legends.   
A few of our planned or previous events are listed below:
Old Skool – Fresh Prince of ‘Peckham’ Bel-Air, Coming to ‘Endz’ America
Hip Hop Icons – Champagne Papi; West Cost Icons – Snoop Dogg and Tupac; Biggie
Afrobeats Specials – Wizkid and Burna Boy
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